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Make a Facebook page public

Posted August 9th, 2010 by admin

If you want your Facebook Page visible to the public, e.g. allowing users not already logged into a Facebook profile access to your Facebook Page, make sure you don't have an "age restriction" in your settings. This also is important from a SEO/SEM perspective because Google can't crawl your Facebook page if it's "age restricted" (and thus password restricted).

My client notified me last week that (when he was not logged into his Facebook profile) the link from his web-site home page to his Facebook Page was taking him to a Facebook sign-in page instead of his public Facebook company page.

I realized that Facebook was defaulting my clients page to a 13+ age restriction, without offering an intuitive option to NOT have the page "age restricted".


The solution was to:


  1. navigate to the Facebook Page "Settings"
  2. SELECT the option "Select Age Restrictions:" in the option-pull-down-menu  (see image above)
  3. Click the "Save Changes" button

If you open the Settings again, you will notice it's reverted back to "Anyone (13+)" -  stupid - but as long as you don't hit save again your page will be no longer password protected (and thus available to Google and anyone logged in or out of Facebook).


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