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Drupal SEO modules

Posted August 16th, 2010 by admin

I'll be adding essential Drupal SEO modules below.

On-Page SEO

Relevant Content

I am so loving this little GEM of a module - Relevant Content (AKA, related content, related links, related articles, etc)... It weighs the relevance of other nodes to a specific node, based on the number of common terms, e.g. the more terms in common, the higher the node floats up the list, with time-stamp as the tie-breaker (in favor of more recent nodes).

You can choose which Vocabularies and content types are considered for each Block/CCK-field.

The Block type allows the flexibility of adding a Relevant Content list across different content types, and the CCK type allows you to add a list to a specific content type.

What would make this module even MORE perfect is if POPULARITY (page-views/traffic) was added to the ranking equation.


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