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8 Onpage SEO Tasks

Posted October 28th, 2010 by admin

When you're ready to start driving traffic to your web-page, and building your Search Engine ranking, you're ready to optimize your page (SEO). Our content managment system makes many of these tasks easy for our clients who would like to do it themselves. Provided your page is well designed for CONVERTING your page visitors, you should benefit from the expected increase in traffic to your page as your page moves up on page 1 in Google.

Here's what needs to be done1

  1. Title Tag - Add the exact keyword to the title tag, with an additional 1-3 words. Place the target keyword as far to the left as possible. If you are using the same webpage for multiple keywords use a | to separate them.
  2. Keyword Meta Tag - Include targeted keyword only. Do not include any extra similar keywords, and enter no more than 6 keyphrases in total. If you are using the same webpage for multiple keywords use a comma to separate them.
  3. Bolding, Italicizing, underlining - Emphasize your target keyword at least once on the page, i.e. make it bold, underline, or italicized.
  4. Homepage Link - If the page you're optimizing isn't your home page, place a link on your homepage to this landing page using your keyword as the link text.
  5. Description Meta Tag - This tag is important not because it optimizes the page, but because it's the description shown in Google and other search engine result pages. Make sure to place persuasive and intriguing copy here that is relevant to your targeted search term and helps convince the user to click your site on the results page. Add about 150 characters or less than 200 (including text, punctuation, and spaces).
  6. Alt Tags - Put a variation of the targeted keyword on 2 alt tags. Example: If you are targeting the term "Fort Lauderdale Rental Properties", you could put the terms "Rental Property Fort Lauderdale" and "Fort Lauderdale Rental" within a couple of image alt tags.
  7. Table "Summary" Attribute - Place the keyword within the "Summary" attribute of the <table> tag (when available) at least once on the page but no more than 2 times. This task requires that you know a HTML.
  8. Keyword at Top & Bottom of Page - Add the keyword to the first sentence towards the top of your page. Then place the keyword in text somewhere near the bottom of your page.

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